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Fishing in Idaho

| September 2, 2014

Fishing in IdahoWe know about the many fish health benefits and one of the best fishing spots to check out is the mid-western state of Idaho. Steelhead is a popular type of fish in Idaho and if you want to find great spots to get this fish, use a portable fishfinder. Two kinds of steelhead exist; A-run and B-run. The A-run steelhead weighs up to six pounds while the B-run steelhead weighs up to 13 pounds. In Idaho there is the Clearwater River and this would be an ideal place to catch steelhead using the fishfinder. Between July and December you can visit the Clearwater River to catch steelhead but be mindful of state regulations and don’t overfish as this is not a good idea.

Hotspots for Fishing in Idaho During Springtime

If you’re traveling to Idaho during the spring this is an amazing time to go fishing. Start by hanging out in Lake Lowell because here you will find edible fish for cooking such as perch and catfish. Lake Lowell is not very crowded so you can fish to your heart’s content as this is considered one of the best fishing spots in Idaho. For those who are obsessed with trout, check out Hagerman because this area is a trout hotbed. Duck Valley is another neat fishing area to visit in the spring and you can catch bass and trout.

Rules You Need To Follow When Fishing

When you arrive in Idaho you will have to pay for a fishing license and the cost is $12.75 per day. If you plan to use certain kinds of fishing tools for the trip you may need to obtain a permit. If you’re using two poles for fishing in Idaho you would pay $13.75 and if you’re fishing in the cold months you have to catch then release trout but not other kinds of fish. If you’re catching bass it must be under 12 inches and you can catch unlimited amounts of walleye. You cannot fish for steel head between May and June.

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Best Places in USA For Great Fishing Experience

| August 23, 2014

Best Places in USA For Great Fishing ExperienceSan Diego California

One reason why San Diego is an excellent city for fishing is because it is home to wide  varieties of tuna and this is one reason why so many people come to San Diego for tuna fishing. In addition to this the weather in San Diego is beautiful and there are plenty of  fishing related events in the city that the family can enjoy.

New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans is ideal for fishing because it is situated on the Mississippi River and it is also surrounded by Lake Ponchatrain so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch all the seafood and fish you want for cooking with friends who live in the city. You can bring your fishfinder with you when fishing so you’ll get an idea of where you can get the best fish.

Sarasota Florida

Florida is a fisherman’s paradise overall but Sarasota is an amazing city for those who love to go fishing regularly. Saltwater fishing is popular in Sarasota and thanks to the beautiful climate  you can go fishing at any time of the year, even during the winter months since Florida has a  mild climate in those months.

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Health Benefits of Fish

| August 14, 2014

Health Benefits of FishIf you are not eating enough fish, maybe these health benefits would motivate you to include more fish in your diet. Fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids and this is helpful for your heart and brain. When you consume fish you reduce your blood pressure, reduce heart attacks, and decreases high cholesterol levels. Since omega 3 fatty acids also help people get rid of depression, you should eat more fish if you want to feel better emotionally.

You’ll Have Better Bones

Eating salmon in particular is healthy for you because you have better bones. This is because salmon has a protein called calcitonin and it improves density in the bones.

Fish Is High in Protein

You want to include more protein in your diet but you want to cut back on the red meats such as pork and beef. Well, you should eat more fish daily because it is high in protein. Substitute ground beef for salmon and prepare salmon burgers on onion buns with avocados and lettuce. Instead of eating pork chops with wild rice for dinner, you can substitute catfish steaks with olive oil.

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Easy, yet Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

| January 22, 2015

Easy, yet Effective Ways to Relieve StressBeing stressed out and suffering from stress induced anxiety and depression is becoming a common thing now. I was talking about this to my nephew’s piano instructor during one of his piano recitals. The piano instructor said that listening to classical music especially piano concerts could help in combating stress largely. This is a proven fact and many specialists advise people with undue stress to listen to music.

The type of piano used also decides on how authentic and heartrending the music is. He suggested certain brands of digital pianos, which were as good as the acoustic ones with several more benefits. While music is a great way to improve you mood there are other ways to relax and relieve stress, a few of which I will discuss here.

Fishing for relaxing mind and body

The very fact that people choose fishing during their free time and on vacations shows it is indeed a relaxing activity. Fishing is an activity, which helps to eliminate fatigue and diminish ennui. It also gets rid of stress effectively.  The interaction with nature keeps your mind off your difficulties and this is more so, if you go fishing with your friends.

In addition to relieving stress, fishing also helps in focusing the mind and increasing your patience. The act of fishing requires sitting for hours on end doing nothing, but waiting for the fish to fall for your bait. That is a lot of time, which you can enjoy by taking in the surrounding scenery and have a good time all around.

Physical activity

Engaging in physical activity of any kind even if it is for a few minutes can have a great impact, when you are stressed. I go for a short walk or just do some stretches to break from the monotony of work. The physical activity increases the blood circulation, which releases endorphins that enhances mood immediately.

Sleep reduces stress

When you are stressed out, it becomes impossible to sleep. You just toss, turn, and try all relaxing activities without much success. When this continues for a long time, it can damage your body and brain. It is therefore necessary to get a minimum of eight hours sleep a day. To get better sleep, you need to turn off the TV early and manage your time efficiently, so you are relaxed before you go to bed. When you get proper sleep, you will feel fresher in the morning and the problems that had caused you to become stressed will seem less overwhelming.

Diet as a solution

Diet and stress are interrelated. When we are busy, we forget about our food and binge on easy to prepare and eat foods, which are unfortunately laden with fats and sugars. These can increase your stress further. Fruits, vegetables and fish especially are good for combating stress. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can reduce the stress symptoms with fish food like tuna sandwich, which is good on the brain.

Taking slow and deep breaths are great for relaxing you, while shallow breathing, which you do when, stressed, can reduce the oxygen supply to your brain and makes it difficult to function normally leading to more stress. Deep breathing clears mind and body, and keeps you focused and alert.

Top Fishing Campsites in Georgia

| January 21, 2015

Top Fishing Campsites in GeorgiaIn spite of the various new hobbies that crop up incessantly, fishing remains one of the most favorite pastimes for most people on vacation. The relaxing chore and serene atmosphere serves as a great inspiration and the bonus free supper adds appeal to the pastime.

Most often, fishing campsites are sent in a rural background where some form of waterbody including lakes, ponds, sea or river is present. There are campsites that cater to all types of fishing enthusiasts from coarse fishing to fly-fishing. Some sites have manmade lakes with accommodations close by for visitors to enjoy the leisurely pastime. Here are some excellent campsites in North Georgia region

Allatoona Marine Resort (Cartersville)

Situated in Cartersville this is appropriate for beginners with its pool and playgrounds. RV hook up, cabins, water and electricity camping sites are available here.

Amicalola State Park

This camping site in Dawsonville has a level ground site with amenities like water, electricity, grill, fire ring and laundry too.

Bald Mountain Resort

This camping resort in Hiawassee has a lake, which is apt for fishing. There are playgrounds, multiple pools, game room, bandstand etc. Visitors can relax in the shady or sunny areas around the camp, which also has amenities like water, fire ring, electricity and picnic table.

Bear Creek

This area is for professional campers. The place is apt for mountain biking. There are trails that range from seven miles to 20 miles. The area has some of the largest trees in Georgia namely the Gennet Poplar. The site has to be walked in via a narrow bridge, which is the only access to the site.

Black Rock Mountain Park

Located in Mountain city this is the highest park in the state. Visitors can enjoy the cool weather due to the altitude and breathtaking scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountain, streams, waterfalls, forests and lake for canoeing and fishing.

Paulding Forest WMA

Situated in Dallas, Paulding Forest is a woody area that is traversed by creeks.  A bike will come in handy as the place has Silver Comet Trail. This site is primitive without any restrooms or other amenities. The land is used for fishing and hunting purposes just like other Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) in Georgia. Visitors can use rangefinders for better hunting and GPS positioning.

Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center

Situated in Mansfield this is a completely natural surrounding that educates visitors on understanding wilderness and knowing about the history of the region. The multitude of programs helps in educating families about astronomy, nature, recreation and conservation of wilderness. The campground has minimal facilities forcing visitors to live as their ancestors did in the past with just the essentials.

Before you start on your fishing trip, ensure you have all the required paperwork and permits especially if you are venturing into new or rarely taken up tracks. Reserving in advance at campsites will avoid hassles. In addition, ensure you have the required camping and fishing equipment, or if the campsite offers them. To get a good catch, camp nearby to the best fishing areas, so you can have an early advantage.

Fitness With Longboarding

| December 11, 2014

Fitness With LongboardingI have always been partial to longboarding as it is great fun to do and is cost effective too. Some of my friends even make longboards themselves. You would be surprised that not only is it fun and enjoyable but a great way to keep fit too. Yes, longboarding is a form of physical exercise that can supplement your exercise and diet wonderfully.

Stimulating exercise form

Longboarding originated from surfing. It was initially used as a way to stay fit and busy, when the tides were not good for surfing. Longboarding is all about creating a balance, which results in building core muscle strength and cardio vascular fitness. While longboarding alone cannot meet all your fitness requirements, it can boost your other activities and diet admirably. The cost effective nature and enjoyable activity it forms can easily beat slogging all day at the gym. The push and kick motion is a great workout for legs and focuses especially on the calves and thighs. The weight bearing exercise form you get with longboarding, when you balance on the board with one foot, gives you great benefits.

Muscle toning

When you longboard your calf muscles, gluteal and hamstring muscles are toned. This is enabled by the powerful moves that a long boarder uses, when he kicks off and propels forward. The balance needed to ride on the board produces a strain on the muscles, which works them and makes them well toned.

Core muscle workout

The core muscles get a good workout from the push type of motion and when pushing uphill the respiratory system benefits from the effort. Even the fast inclines require effort to balance and benefit the circulatory system. Balance of the rider is greatly improved with longboarding and increases surefootedness of the rider, when he is off the board.  The sliding movement helps in building a good core and the downhill rides help in practicing a good tuck that resists any type of lactic acid accumulation.

Losing weight with longboarding

The increase in heart rate, when you longboard helps to burn the calories and build strength, so you get better coordination. When you integrate longboarding to your daily routine and use it to school or work instead of walking, you can save the time and if needed plan a longer route, so you can increase your fitness level. Uphill longboarding is a highly challenging task by itself and the effort you make lets you burn calories and build muscles. You can improve the core muscle strength and balance. Further, the fun and enjoyment you get out of longboarding will motivate you to increase your exercise routine and burn more calories rather than staying inactive.

While practicing longboard you should use a reliable longboard and try it on a flat and even surface. Understanding the dynamics will help more in grasping the style. The surfaces should be varied only gradually. To get more benefits out of longboarding you should practice on different road types and slopes. Downhill longboarding should be done at a small level and it is best to choose grassy-bordered hills so you can crash safely before you go on to steeper downhill.

Tips To Keep You Healthy And Fit

| December 10, 2014

Tips To Keep You Healthy And FitThe root cause of most of the sickness and diseases we face lies in our neglect of adhering to healthy practices in our daily life. I have found that we are so focused on our busy schedule that we fail to take care of our body that makes it all possible. Staying up all night to meet a deadline or by eating fast food we abuse our body, which takes a heavy beating and reacts by falling ill.

In fact, our bodies have very simple and basic needs like food to appease hunger, sleep for that well needed rest and some exercise to keep active. If we take care of our body properly, a tremendous increase in capability and functionality is possible. Here are some of the best five tips I have found to be quite useful in maintaining health.

Water is the best elixir

Our body is mostly made of water, so it is only justifiable that water should be a main part of our good health measures. While there are various concepts on the right amount to consume daily and the source, just plain water is the best source. Juices may sound tempting and a tasty alternative, but your body needs to work more to extract the water present from the mixture than when you take water directly. Water should be clean and free from chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and other harmful products. When you take sufficient water, it would flush out the toxins and keep the body well hydrated which is important for its normal functioning.

Breathing helps

While this may sound weird to many of you, the way we breathe also determines how our body functions properly. Deep breathing is found to be of great help in releasing the toxins and stress in the body and massages the various organs present. Digestion is also assisted. Deep breathing consists of filling the lungs with air, a small suspension of breath and complete release of the air inhaled. When you practice deep breathing especially by meditation or yoga, the benefits multiply and keep your body physically and mentally fit.

Exercise for health

Though it is difficult to set aside time from your busy schedule for exercise, it can actually help you focus on your work and increase your productivity at work. Exercise keeps you alert and gives a good energy boost that keeps you active all day long. I use my power racks to get my daily exercise.

Organic foods

As organic foods are available now easily you can shift to buying the organic foods because of the all-round benefits they offer. While the cost may be inhibitive, when the demand increases, the prices will certainly come down.

Lemon and water

Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon squeezed in it will give you several benefits including boosting your immunity, keeping your skin clear, balancing pH level and prevent voice loss and other ailments. Drinking beverages at either room temperature or warm is easier for the body to process than chilled beverages.

Fishing Tips For A Good Catch

| December 9, 2014

Fishing Tips For A Good CatchFishing in Boise is a great way to relax and enjoy the urban waterway. I have always loved fishing here. The river has a diversified fish population including Mountain, Whitefish, Browns, Rainbows, Smallmouth Bass, Carp, Catfish and Largemouth bass. You get both warm water and cold-water fishery here. However, even with so many advantages there are still not many anglers found here.

A friend I met during one of my recent fishing trip said that many of the anglers do not take advantage of the classic tail waters as well as spring creeks that have plenty of trout population. Being a pro at fly-fishing, he suggested some tips that I found very helpful.

Considering size

While choosing the trout flies, you should take into consideration factors like the size, color, shape and action in case of stripped flies. While this is for the fresh water flies, in saltwater the action takes more of a center stage than the shape and size.

Dropper Flies

Also called as tandem rigs these are the best weapon that an angler looking to catch trout can have at his disposal. The dropper rig is made by attaching a tiny nymph to tippet material of about 18 inches, which is tied to the dry fly’s bend. If the trout is lured by the nymph, the dry fly will indicate it. You can also tie the nymphs in tandem, so you can find which of the nymph works the best.

Deciding on dry and wet

The way a fly is made decides on whether it floats as dry flies above water surface or rides as completely or partially submerged flies as in emergers, or sinks as in streamers or nymphs. Since fish usually go in search of their food in a particular layer of water, knowing that layer is important to select the right fly.

Color of the fly

The color should depend on the season. For late fall, early spring and in winter the flies are darker in color to match the surrounding environment. For warm weather, the flies are typically lighter in color.

Effectiveness of fly

The success of a fly depends on the selective nature of the fish, which is influenced by the availability of food, fishing pressure and the weather conditions. The fishing flies should therefore be exact imitations or impressionistic. The food for trout is usually made of food sources found on the subsurface, which include the larvae, crustaceans and nymphs. Even if you want to take up dry fly fishing this knowledge will help you decide on the right fly selection.

My fishing friend also suggested that the submerged fish can see anglers from a great distance than near the surface due to the light refraction present. While talking about how fishing was relaxing, he mentioned that boxing is another way he found to take away the stress. He would put on his favorite boxing gloves and have a few rounds at the punching bag, which made him feel relaxed, and gave him some fitness benefits on the side too.

How Modern Tech Helps Fishers and Others Folks

| September 15, 2014

How Modern Tech Helps Fishers and Others FolksGone are the days when fishermen would use a compass and other traditional tools to help them locate and catch fish. One of the best examples of modern tech for fishermen is the portable fish finder. The fish finder is a tool that gives you the latest stats on where the fish are located in your area’s rivers as well as the ideal times to catch certain kinds of fish during the week. The fish finder is powered by sound waves and this has been effective in locating the right kind of fish. Many fish finders also come with GPS systems.

Fishing Related Apps

Another popular trend in the fishing industry is the rise in the number of fishing related apps that are not only helpful for fish finding but also for other uses regarding fishing. There are fishing apps on the market that give you the latest weather reports in the areas where you plan to go fishing while other fishing apps give you a guide that states which species of fish you’re more likely to catch in a given region.

Online Fishing Lessons

Another aspect of how technology helps fishermen is online fishing lessons for beginner fishermen. These lessons can be found in video form or in the form of PowerPoint slides and the lessons allow you to learn how to fish in the privacy of your home. With online fishing lessons you can learn fishing terminology in detail and you can watch how to catch fish without interruptions.

Necessity of World Class Data Center

In light of the fact that technology has affected and continues to affect the fishing industry in huge ways, a construction of a world class data center will be necessary to accommodate the amount of technology. Today’s data centers need to be energy efficient to prevent power overload and problems for the environment. Another recommendation is for data center managers to switch to renewable energy as the source of operation of the data center. And data center managers can depend less on coal to operate in coming years for the purpose of giving out more power.

Virtual Fishing Games

For the fishermen who cannot fish on certain days they can get their daily fishing rush with virtual fishing games. Virtual fishing games can also teach you skills that enhance your current fishing expertise. If you’re teaching children to fish these games will also come in handy.


Technology has done a lot to change things in the fishing industry and thanks to devices such as the fish finder, fishermen can find the best areas to find fish and the current weather conditions for safety reasons. The latest technology allows commercial fishing companies to perform their tasks better. As this technology grows, there will continue to be a need for the construction of a world class data center that is energy efficient yet capable of wide storage for all Internet users. Overall, fishing has gotten a lot easier thanks to fish finders and other helpful devices.